The ageny was established ,in 1980 to more than a quarter century of experience, expert staff and quality of policies aimed at winning the trust of our guests continue to be preferable.

39 Years Experience

With nearly 39 years experience in tourism sector is always customer satisfaction, is one of our principles to provide the highest quality sales and service. Agency ,Turkey Travel Agencies Union (TURSAB), the World Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations (UFTAA),the international Air Transport Association (IATA)membership in a Group A alongside theMinistry of the Tourism and Travel Agency Certificate has ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certificate.

Mission & Vision

  • Comply with the criteria of Corporate Identity
  • Quality of service
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Thanks to our understanding of trust and business ethics to be preferable
  • To have a prediction , to meet the needs and expectations
  • Maintain team spirit
  • Dynamic , be sensitive to the structure of society and the environment
  • Entrepreneurial and enterpricing spirit of the project grows and the country’s economy and employment and contribute to the promotion of
  • And to be leading this mission to continue
  • To be the brand to reach world standards and the World
  • With every service we offer to continue to be the best in Turkey and in the world

What did we do?

Starting in 1980 , a small team Saltur Family , today serves 40 people, with expert staff.From 1980 until 2019 the period of the time both domestically and abroad, reaching an audience of 2 million people and serving the agency incoming,congress and meeting ,transportation,organisation,hunting, promotion and logistics services provided as a professional.Sector variety and quality service every time Saltur principle more than 100 countries more than 400 cities and more than 200.000 hotels with capacity exceeding HOTEL MARKET serving all over the world just a touch, tickets available from the point of service provided TICKET MARKET projects.

Why Saltur?

Since 1980 the beginning of the end of the following organisations conclude the 39-years experienced staff. IATA Certificate SALTUR all organisations since 1995 with international transportation regulations, and consumer-oriented applications and improvements of air tickets for guests can be organised in terms of accurate cost of experienced staff serving you.

Group A certificate from the Ministry of Torism Agencies and tour operators have you over 39 years experince directing organisations which will take place SALTUR reminiscent of unforgettable memories. Thanks to all the organisations throughout the organisation,insuring the safety of SALTUR provides INSURANCE.

Concept design and promotion of all forms SALAJANS .The organisation prepares in accordance with its publicity designs. Foreign language education in the consciousness of the necessity of moving the foreign countries to learn the language or anyone who wants to improve the foreign language schools,training facilities and offers a variety of programs related to work& travel.

All these services have provided the authorized sales agency for the entire country and abroad, corporate partners and sectoral basis,promotion and marketing team have taken place in the world and the global concept,we could be with you wherever you are looking more closely managed.

Our Goals

customer satisfaction while maintaining a well-known all over the world and become agent of the operators.

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